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Your Questions Answered

Can you tell me more about the ArchiAssist Master?

Greg Blain developed this Master during 10 years operating a Practice writing Specifications for other Architects and Designers.

In 2013, Greg worked 3 separate Landscape Architects to create a user-friendly, safe Master for Landscape Architects & Designers, made to the same precise format as the Architectural Master.

Both Masters are very efficient and concise but are NOT short version Specs.  And they are a single ‘Microsoft Word’ document – so simple.  And Masters are the first where you ‘delete-only’ from them only, to produce the Spec.

Greg stands by the conviction that these Masters are the most safe user-friendly, concise available.  With easy familiarity, Specs can be written in 1 DAY (less for the Landscape Master)!

They are concise and compact, full version Specs.  The Building Spec ends up often around 85 pages (without Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic Specs), the Landscape Spec around 45 pages, but still giving very high level protection.

This is explained in detail in the Explanatory Brief.  Get now the FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief to know more about this unique Master.

What do you mean ArchiAssist can create income?

There are 4 inherent fee savings and income creation features of the ArchiAssist Master:

  1. Up Front Costs:  Does a Master involve hefty on-going fees?  And quality counts; a bad Spec is much more expensive.2.  Cost of Spec Production:  Compare a solid week of hard work to an easy single day.  Savings for each project here could easily be +$1,000 especially considering how this affects the whole team.3.  Cost of On-Site Hassles:  A good Master is PRE-WRITTEN.  Adding to a Spec by a hurried team who only sometimes write Specs can create big risks likely to cost big dollars.4.  Cost to Your Reputation:  This a the BIG COST…often overlooked.  You will lose repeat and referred work if construction is marred by dispute.

Why wouldn’t I buy a Spec from a Producer who has been around for longer?

If you are thinking they may have a bigger support team, that is only relevant if the support is good and the Master is good.  It is not that hard to update a Master when you do it full-time and when it is created on the basis of simplicity.

Another thing to check out is if the Producer can immediately identify where the Spec you can resolve an on-site disagreement.

Does the Master force you to assemble the Spec or write half of it yourself…
…OR do you simply delete what is not required and what remains describes good quality construction relating to the materials you are using in your project.

Time in the industry is something to consider (Greg Blain has been over 35 years in the Industry), but you need to also consider the Masters: accuracy and protection, editing ease and speed, readability, guarantees, personal service from the Spec Producer, and cost.

Conservatively, ArchiAssist at least matches competitors in all these areas.  This is explained in detail in this website and in the downloads FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief .

It is a very user-friendly, concise, cost effective Master Specification.

And look at the Q&A above “What do you mean ArchiAssist can create income?” about how choice of Master can affect income creation?

Ask other Master Spec Producers how they can increase your income and what they guarantee!

ArchiAssist is a relatively new Master. How can I be sure it will work for me?

Everything we use was new once…take the Internet for example.  And everything has to evolve and get better.

Greg Blain created ArchiAssist after 35+ years in the Industry.  Over 8 years during its development, this Master served his Spec Writing Clients (over 50 of them from around Australia) on over 300 projects.

Now many Architects and Designers are using it themselves to their great advantage.  It will work for you!

The hardest thing you may have to adjust to is the precise and efficient system of information presentation in the ArchiAssist Master.  It is a very well-oiled machine!

How is it possible to produce a Spec for any project in a day?

Great question because producing a full version Spec in a day is very rare (unheard of actually)!  And well under a day for the Landscape Master.

Basically you put all your project specific material selections on the drawings or in the schedules.

The Spec just has all that universal ‘back-up’ type detail, so you only delete from the Spec what is not in the project, which is the easiest and safest way to produce a Spec!

Assembling a Spec or adding to it is time consuming, risky, and things get buried.

What do you mean by 'delete only' Spec?

This means the only way to produce the Spec is by deleting the content which does not apply to your project.  The Master has all that universal ‘back-up’ detail. This makes Spec writing easy and SAFE!  A ‘delete-only’ Master is a simple concept but hard to achieve – if it was easy, ArchiAssist would not be the first to do it! Read Q&A “How is it possible to produce a Spec for any project in a day?” above for more detail.

How do you make such a concise Spec?

The following are the main ways ArchiAssist cuts down all the unnecessary bulk found in many other Specifications:

Product Manufacturer Instructions:  They can be completely left out!  If you know the product comes with these instructions, there is no need to include them.  These instructions are specified to be obtained and followed by the Contractor.

Put the responsibility on the Contractor to provide this information, they are the ones using it anyway, and the Manufacturer will provide them up to date.

Don’t Repeat Documentation:  If things are documented well and logically, there is no need for repetition!  Also, a primary feature of this Spec is Sections 1 (Preliminaries), Section 2 (Fixing and Sealing) and Section 3 (Metalwork) are common Sections, meaning no other Section can be read without referring to them.  This is made very clear throughout the Spec.

And this common detail is not repeated in the Spec.

Use of Defined Words:  All defined words in this Spec are italicized, making them obvious.  The reader can then be confident about the definition.  For example, ‘provide’ is defined as what the Contractor is to do.  No “supply and fix this and that” or whatever.  The Spec always says “Provide XYZ…” and “provide” is defined exactly.  The result is simplicity and less words.

Other Ways to Produce a Concise Spec:  This is explained more in the FREE downloads.  Get the FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief by clicking this link.

Do you mean all defined words in your Specifications are italicized?

Definitely!  The same is done in the BCA and in all the major Conditions of Contract because the writers of those documents realize how vital it is.

How is it possible to fully understand a complex document like a Specification without it?  How is it acceptable?  Not having it discriminates against the reader (including you) and means you can’t have fully functioning document.

What do you mean by Specification ‘safety features’?

These are the many things specified to give great protection from dispute, error, and the unforeseen.

The first safety feature is to simply use a concise and full Spec, worded and organized to an accurate and predictable system.

Having a well written completed Master that you only delete from (not add anything to) is another safety feature.  Assembling a Spec or adding to one is time consuming, risky, and things get buried.

Other more detailed safety features include:

Possible discrepancies between the Spec and other documents are identified and a default path specified.

Defining words effectively and clearly is a significant safety feature.  Some examples include: advice, Consultant, document, drawing, Engineer, exposed to view, external, moisture exposed, substrate, supply, wet area.

And sometimes you have to confirm things on site.  It is specified the Contractor must instigate this process of confirmation, timed to with the construction program, and allowing you sufficient time to respond.

These are just some safety features.  There are many more explained in the FREE downloads.  Get the FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief by clicking this link.

Why wouldn’t I use one of the short version Specs available on the market?

If the Makers of short version Specs can guarantee that they provide the highest level protection, then use them.  However don’t take your selection of Master lightly.  You should ask many things (the sort of things addressed in this website), but also ask…

…are the Makers of both short version and long version Specs, by default, implying that their short version doesn’t cover everything?  Or is the opposite true, their long version full of unnecessary text, leading to frustration, confusion, and error?  Both can’t be right at the same time in my opinion!

The ArchiAssist Master is for all size projects.  A brick wall for a house or a hospital requires the generally the same Spec detail – usually any differences are drawn (eg structural differences).  The same goes for virtually all other materials. With the ArchiAssist Master, you simply delete content if you think that it is inappropriate for the project – you and no-one else decides that!

If you want a short version Spec, simply delete more content from ArchiAssist.

How does ArchiAssist deal with Consultants Specifications?

The ArchiAssist Building Master incorporates full Civil and Structural Sections if you choose to use them.  If you choose that the Consultants write their own Specs, you just edit out the Consultant related detail from ArchiAssist.

Services and soft Landscape Specifications are to be drafted by the Consultants.  Services includes hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, security, communications, fire protection services.

The ArchiAssist Landscape Master relies on all Consultants doing their own speciality Specification.

How does ArchiAssist deal with Manufacturers Product Installation Instructions?

In the most safe –  yet easiest way! This is simply, in the Preliminaries Section it has that for any proprietary product, the Contractor is to obtain the Manufacturers Installation Instructions, keep them on-Site, and to provide the product according to those Instructions.  There is absolutely no need to specify anything more!

If you specify more (eg insert Manufacturer specification detail) then you run the risk of it being incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date (by the time construction happens). Also, if you specify it for one product, to be consistent (readers quickly lose confidence and respect when documents are inconsistent) you need to specify it for all products…and that is just totally impractical and will never happen (there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different products used in a building project).

Finally, specifying Manufacturer Instructions makes you responsible for the content.  Make it the Contractors and Manufacturers responsibility.

Are your Specifications suited to the General Conditions of Contract used?

Definitely!  The Master has been produced to suit the common Conditions of Contract.  ArchiAssist is also technical only in nature making it easily compatible.

Is there an ArchiAssist Trade Package Specification?

No.  A Trade Package Master cannot exist because each package differs with each Contractor and each project.  Each Trade Package needs to be custom collated, usually from a lump sum Master.

Consequentially they are very expensive Specifications to produce.  Also they are risky because they are custom collated and things can easily be missed.

Are your Staff available for advice during Spec writing and during construction?

Definitely.  Using the ArchiAssist Master is largely self-explanatory by reading it while editing (no seminars to attend).  There is a Guide (only 5 pages) which should be read beforehand. This is a very easy Master to use!

If you have any sort of drama during construction, contact us and we should be able to identify where in the Spec you can resolve it.  If the drawings and schedules are good, the Spec usually has an answer as it was developed specifically to resolve construction disputes.

“Architects and Designers, Clients and Contractors all benefit by using the ArchiAssist Master Spec.” Architects and Designers, Clients and Contractors all
benefit by using the ArchiAssist Master Spec.

See Spec Hassles Disappear!

Get the FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief to be fully informed of this revolutionary Master
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Free up your time and make more money with the ArchiAssist Master.

Spec writing is now easy!

The ArchiAssist Specification Writing Service

If you don’t want to write your own Spec, ArchiAssist can do it for you.

You not only get a great Spec, but you get an experienced Architect on your team.

For more detail, please call or email for the standard Spec Write Agreement and Fee Schedule.


ArchiAssist exists to help you work with more certainty, reliability and enjoyment.

Australia’s most user-friendly and concise Specification…
…a real ‘Specification of Convenience’.

Greg Blain Creator of Australia’s most safe, user-friendly and concise Specification

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"We felt reassured with the very first draft of the Specification.  It certainly adds further clarity and fills in the blanks, adding value to the project and reducing the risk of possible variations or disagreements."

Wayne Lamb Director, Cadway Projects (ph. 07 3257 2755)

"The result is good tight documentation, and… quick production."

Lester Ehrlich Director, elia architecture (ph. 07 3379 7611)

"We enjoyed the currency of the Specification, quick turnaround times."

Edward Haysom Director, Haysom Architects (ph. 07 3852 6099)

"Extremely thorough and the Specifications produced are received well by the Contractors."

Con Cayas Director, Cayas architects (ph. 07 3356 6100)

"Greg’s Spec has been of great assistance and his efforts are much appreciated."

Tim Farrell Director, Tim Farrell Architects (ph. 0410 569 426)

"The specification was very good and we have not had any issues on site regarding co-ordination of the spec with our drawings."

Graham Tippins Associate, Reddog (ph. 07 3252 8912)

"The Specification allows us to focus more on co-ordination, documentation, budgets and staying on program."

Tony Heath Director, Tony Heath Architects (ph. 07 3892 7104)

"The Specification proved to be contractually solid."

Geoff Street Principal, Suters (ph. 07 3229 9883)

"The Specification…concise and current to relevant standards and building practices."

Scott Peabody Director, Arqus Design

"I think (the Spec) it is great.  It gives us a lot more certainty and security than our previous Spec."

Beau Hillier Director, Catus & Hill (ph. 07 3846 6046)