ArchiAssist Master Specifications

Australia’s first user-friendly, ‘Read & Delete’ Master,

for any size project…done in a day

Building & Landscape Architects and Designers

 Do A Full Spec…Any Project…Very Fast

ArchiAssist = Easy Spec Writing

To achieve this, ArchiAssist uses a unique ‘Read & Delete’ system.

‘Read & Delete’ is a simple but hard to achieve (ArchiAssist is the first to do it).  It means Specifications are:

  • Very easy and fast to produce (any job, done in a day)
  • Suitable for all building types (big or small, they use the same detail)
  • Concise
  • A single MS Word document
 And also:
  • No more putting off the Spec until the end, when it gets rushed and poorly written
  • More time to work on other things…or take some time off
  • Save fees by fast Spec writing and less construction disputes
  • More accurate Tender Submissions with less Addenda

‘Read & Delete’ can only be done incorporating only universal good-quality detail.  Just read it, then delete what’s not in the job.  Draw or schedule job specific things.

For D&C Clients do a Spec quickly (to protect yourself)
and let them choose to use it or not.

For Small Jobs, just delete more to make it ‘short-version’.

For Big Jobs, ArchiAssist is very concise
so Builders will read it.


Many others have benefited from ArchiAssist

Over 180 Practices (including large national practices and a
capital city council) now have used ArchiAssist.

“I am using ArchiAssist all the time on all of our projects!  It is fantastic and very easy to use and understand.  Thanks so much for your hard work”   Nermine Zahran, Gensler (ph 9009 2700)

Many Architects and Designers are getting their first Spec done in a day – AND HOW ABOUT THIS…

A Boss got a lady graduate to write her first Spec using ArchiAssist.  She was amazed how easy it was, so much so she asked her Boss to be the Office Spec Writer.

This is GREAT news for us all, never having to worry about who will write the Spec.

Get the FREE Sample Specification and Explanatory Brief to be
fully informed of this revolutionary Master and watch the Explanatory Video on this page.

Specification writing is now an easy.


The ArchiAssist Specification Writing Service

If you don’t want to write your own Spec, ArchiAssist can do it for you.

You not only get a great Spec, but you get an experienced Architect on your team.

For more detail, please call or email for the standard Spec Write Agreement and Fee Schedule.


ArchiAssist exists to help you work with more certainty, reliability and enjoyment.

Australia’s most user-friendly and concise Specification…
…a real ‘Specification of Convenience’.

Greg Blain Creator of Australia’s most safe, user-friendly and concise Specification





Video Welcome to ArchiAssist Architecture & Landscape Master


"The specification was very good and we have not had any issues on site regarding co-ordination of the spec with our drawings."

Graham Tippins Associate, Reddog (ph. 07 3252 8912)

"We felt reassured with the very first draft of the Specification.  It certainly adds further clarity and fills in the blanks, adding value to the project and reducing the risk of possible variations or disagreements."

Wayne Lamb Director, Cadway Projects (ph. 07 3257 2755)

"Greg’s Spec has been of great assistance and his efforts are much appreciated."

Tim Farrell Director, Tim Farrell Architects (ph. 0410 569 426)

"Extremely thorough and the Specifications produced are received well by the Contractors."

Con Cayas Director, Cayas architects (ph. 07 3356 6100)

"The Specification allows us to focus more on co-ordination, documentation, budgets and staying on program."

Tony Heath Director, Tony Heath Architects (ph. 07 3892 7104)

"The Specification proved to be contractually solid."

Geoff Street Principal, Suters (ph. 07 3229 9883)

"The result is good tight documentation, and… quick production."

Lester Ehrlich Director, elia architecture (ph. 07 3379 7611)

"We enjoyed the currency of the Specification, quick turnaround times."

Edward Haysom Director, Haysom Architects (ph. 07 3852 6099)

"The Specification…concise and current to relevant standards and building practices."

Scott Peabody Director, Arqus Design

"I think (the Spec) it is great.  It gives us a lot more certainty and security than our previous Spec."

Beau Hillier Director, Catus & Hill (ph. 07 3846 6046)